Reverso Fan Technology – Interko’s reversible fan technology that allows for a homogenous ripening process at highly efficient energy use.

As Interko, we thrive in a dynamic market with a constant focus on improvement and innovation. The REVERSO fan has been a disruptive high tech solution regarding energy-use and ripening result. The REVERSO fan has a brain! The fan is an efficient solution to manage energy-consumption, as it adapts it’s own power output to the air flow, producing the necessary amount of power for an optimal air flow while avoiding a surplus. Besides energy-use, the main benefit of the REVERSO fan is that it allows the ripener to reverse the air flow. By doing this, the fruit will be ripened from two sides which increases the homogeneity of the ripening process. The technology has been implemented in large banana rooms as well as smaller rooms for exotic fruits. The energy efficiency as well as the improved fruit ripening result make it worth upgrading your current ripening installation or implementing it in your next project! For more information about Interko fruit ripening rooms please visit or contact our team directly.