New Interko AXESSO rooms are installed in Köln, Germany.

After already running the AXESSO system succesfully on two locations in Germany, our client added four more AXESSO rooms to his new site in Köln. As demand for high quality exotic fruit is rising in the European market, the Interko AXESSO room has become a key product in fruit logistics. The AXESSO ripening room is built to ripen fruit with accuracy and precision. Exotics like mangoes and avocado’s need to be closely monitored during the ripening process, therefore the room is equipped with an individual fan for each pallet. Furthermore, the wide span of the room allows you to load and unload pallets individually. The flexibility and accuracy of the room are highly important to ripen each pallet to perfection so consumers can be provided with high quality, ready-to-eat exotic fruits. For more information, get in touch with our team or visit