Interko’s Ultimo ripening rooms still prove to be the number one ripening solutions for large volumes of bananas.

The Ultimo ripening room can be built up to three tiers high, hosting a maximum of 90 pallets. The largest Interko ripening room project boasts more than sixty, III-tier Ultimo rooms! These ripening centres truly make for a small village and therefore they must be governed like one. Traffic rules apply to create a logistic process that can be controlled by the second. Every room in the ripening centre is connected to the central supervisor, where the ripening process, loading schedules, and air quality can be managed and monitored at all time. The Ultimo ripening rooms are equipped with a set of technical solutions that improve maintenance and repairs, for example, our hinged fan plates allow the user to easily clean the coolers from the inside. Interko’s iconic yellow noses and baffles increase the visibility for the forklift drivers. This colourful addition has simplified the loading process which has been saving time as well as reducing damage to the steel construction. Overall, the Ultimo ripening room is a reliable solution for global fruit logistics. For more information about the Ultimo ripening room, visit