MOERKAPELLE, NETHERLANDS – 7 MARCH 2017 – Recognising the strong demand across South East Asia for ripe and ready fruit, Interko, a leading designer, manufacturer and installer of advanced ripening technology, will exhibit for the first time at Horti ASIA on 15-17 March in Bangkok, Thailand.

“South East Asia has become a more sophisticated market for fresh produce,” explains Interko’s managing partner Chris Maat. “Consumer tastes are developing; they want better quality fruit that is ripe and ready to eat.

“This is especially true of mangoes, which is a high-value fruit in Asia, as well as other exotics, such as avocados and papayas, plus, of course, bananas.”

Interko operates a broad global business and is already active in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. After successfully installing a number of ripening rooms in South East Asia last year, the company is eager to grow its network of customers and preferred installation partners throughout the region.

“Fresh fruit suppliers and food processing companies both large and small across South East Asia would benefit from our innovative ripening technology for exotics and other fruits,” notes Chris.

“We can create bespoke solutions to deliver extremely high quality, energy-efficient and cost-effective ripening rooms that are built to last and require low maintenance.”

Versatile solution for exotics

For the exotic fruit trade, Interko has designed a versatile ripening room branded the Interko Random Access AXESSO Ripening Room, from which individual pallets can be removed once the fruit has ripened.

The AXESSO room offers users the flexibility of ripening a range of exotics from mangoes and papayas to avocados, as well as stonefruit and even pears.

“Our AXESSO rooms deliver precision ripening with maximum flexibility,” explains Chris. “They are very adaptable and highly efficient. Plus they offer full user-controllability and accurate temperature management, at minimal cost.”

Interko is continually improving its fresh fruit ripening solutions. In January the Dutch firm announced a breakthrough with the launch of its RƎVERSO reversible ripening room fan – the first on the market to achieve a sub 100-watt energy consumption level at full airflow.

All Interko installations can be tailor-made to accommodate specific requirements or challenges.