MOERKAPELLE, NETHERLANDS – 11 OCTOBER 2017 – International fresh fruit ripening specialist Interko has opened the bookings diary for its team of key technicians attending the annual Fruit Attraction trade show in Madrid, Spain, on 18-20 October.

Any current customer or interested party is invited to schedule a meeting with one of the five specialists to discuss how Interko can make ripening more profitable for small or large retailers, importers, distributors and wholesalers handling bananas, mangoes, avocados, stonefruit or pears.

This year, the Dutch designer and manufacturer is splitting its resources between Fruit Attraction and the PMA Fresh Summit in the USA, which takes place concurrently on 19-21 October.

“Fruit Attraction is developing into a strategic fresh produce trade show for Europe, and although Interko is not exhibiting this year we will be present via our team of expert technicians,” explains Chris Maat, Interko’s Managing Director/Partner.

“If any company would like to find out more about Interko, our bespoke fruit ripening solutions and how our sophisticated technology can increase your profitability, simply get in touch by phone or email to arrange an appointment.”

With Fruit Attraction welcoming visitors from around the globe, especially southern Europe and even the Middle East, Chris says Interko is open for business worldwide.

“Interko can develop custom-made solutions for any company that is ripening as little as one pallet of exotics to 72 pallets of bananas in a three-tier room,” he explains.

“We benefit from a global network of rated installers in several countries, and we offer ongoing maintenance support.

“Our innovative technology is specifically designed to increase our customers’ profitability by reducing their energy usage and thereby lowering their operational costs.”

Interko’s product range

Interko uses cutting-edge equipment and control technologies to manufacture the highest quality, user-friendly and reliable ripening rooms on the market. It’s energy-efficient, reversible fans can cut energy costs by up to 50% compared with other brands. All solutions are tailor-made to each customer.

Currently, Interko offers two types of ripening rooms; the high-capacity ULTIMO for bananas, and the AXESSO for the precision ripening of smaller volumes of mangoes, avocados, stonefruit and even pears.

The ULTIMO room is designed to efficiently and evenly ripen large volumes of bananas, while the AXESSO is unique in its random access capability which offers the flexibility to shift between ripening different fruits to their individual ready-to-eat stage.

Both rooms can be fitted with Interko’s revolutionary REVERSO reversible fans, which deliver considerable cost savings as they consume less than 100 watts of electricity per pallet at full airflow, or much less depending on external influences.

Interko’s REVERSO fans offer the added value of benefitting the quality of the fruit being ripened since they generate better air quality and a gentler environment for the fruit which improves the whole ripening cycle.