MOERKAPELLE, NETHERLANDS – 8 AUGUST 2017 – Interko is offering complimentary consultations to any potential or existing customer attending Asia Fruit Logistica or WorldFood Moscow in September to analyse how the manufacturer’s advanced ripening technology can cut operational costs and increase profitability.

Underlining the dynamic Dutch firm’s position as the leading provider of ripening solutions for the international fresh fruit industry, Interko’s Managing Director/Partner Chris Maat and Business Development Manager Anna Zegveld will travel to both exhibitions.

“Interko invites any retailer, importer, distributor, wholesaler or food processor involved in ripening fresh fruit to talk to us about their daily running costs,” says Chris.

“We can quickly put figures to their energy usage to understand the true extent of their outgoings. Then we can calculate how our energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions can raise their profitability.”

Interko is particularly keen to share the success of its revolutionary REVERSO reversible fan range, which has beaten its already ambitious energy consumption target of just 100 watts per pallet at full airflow.

“On top of wanting to cut costs, most Asian nations don’t have unlimited access to electricity supply, which can put constraints on their ripening infrastructure,” points out Chris. “It’s the same situation in Russia.

“This is precisely where installing our REVERSO fans can make all the difference because of their very low energy consumption.”

Interko’s point of difference is exactly this type of service-orientated approach to individual market challenges, coupled with its global network of local installation partners and dedicated after-sales support.

“Interko offers the complete ripening room solution,” states Anna.

“We benefit from a lot of technical knowhow in fruit ripening, our state-of-the-art technology is of European-build quality, plus it consumes little energy which means very low daily running costs.

“We also keep track of our customers’ results to ensure we maximise their systems and minimise their costs.”


On 6-8 September Interko will exhibit at Asia Fruit Logistica in Hong Kong for the fifth year in response to two clear fruit ripening trends in Asia.

Firstly, the growth in consumer demand for high quality exotic fruits, which requires contemporary ripening solutions.

Secondly, the need to modernise existing facilities with energy-efficient and cost-effective technology.

“Across Asia consumer demand is rising for quality ripe-and-ready exotic fruits, which is where our flexible random access AXESSO rooms, fitted with REVERSO fans, can really benefit customers,” points out Chris.

“At the same time, in South East Asia and India existing low-tech and rudimentary ripening rooms are coming of age and need renewing.

“While in more sophisticated Asian markets the ripening facilities are reaching the stage where it’s more economical in terms of energy usage to build new rooms.”

Interko’s latest venture in Hong Kong fits exactly that bill.

“It’s for a fruit importer-trader who wants a modern, high-tech ripening room for bananas and exotics because his existing facilities are not very sophisticated and quite outdated,” reveals Chris.

“This client also has a limited electricity connection in the building and needs to reduce his energy consumption.”

Interko is largely active in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China to an extent.

Projects in India and its subcontinent are growing, while business is emerging in Vietnam too.


Directly after Asia Fruit Logistica, Chris and Anna will travel to the annual WorldFood Moscow exhibition on 11-14 September.

While in Russia, the duo will explore the potential of opening a representative Interko office to support growing business in the country.

“Interko is very serious about its future in Russia,” explains Anna. “We’ve already done a lot of projects, and we’re selling more and more.

“Now we want to raise our awareness further, and we want our customers to know us personally.”

A Russian office would also enable Interko to deal with customer enquires locally as well as gather vital feedback from the companies using its systems.

“Interko is really keen to know about our customers’ daily energy usage – this is how we can achieve lower running costs,” explains Anna.