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Interko launches new ripening technology in time for Fruit Logistica 2018

A flexible innovation for banana ripeners has been unveiled by the global fruit ripening technology expert


MOERKAPELLE, NETHERLANDS – 1 FEBRUARY 2018 – Interko has launched a brand new product in time for next week’s Fruit Logistica that enables customers to adjust their banana ripening rooms to accommodate different pallet sizes.

As it celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, the pioneering Dutch designer, manufacturer and installer has developed a new generation of adjustable load separator that can seal pallets of any size and eliminate loss of airflow.

By enabling users to expand the adjustable load separator to fit different pallet lengths, the technology makes it easier to ripen bananas arriving from different sources around the world.

“The team at Interko has been busy responding to a particular challenge posed to us by several clients worldwide,” explains Interko’s Managing Director/Partner, Chris Maat.

“Over the last seven to eight months we have successfully designed and built a new adjustable load separator that is more flexible, quicker and easier to operate than the standard version.

“Unlike our previous rotating design, this new adjustable load separator is movable by means of being mechanically collapsed and expanded, which also makes it significantly more stable and robust than its predecessor.”

The technology is intended for use within Interko’s single-tier Ultimo ripening room, although it can be installed in double-tier rooms. As such, it suits smaller banana ripening operations.

Thanks to the input of an expert industrial designer, the new adjustable load separator also offers improved usability, as well as solid European build quality by Interko in the Netherlands.

Over the past five decades, the team at Interko has used its energy, experience and vision to continually push the boundaries of research and design to develop innovative solutions that respond to evolving supply chain challenges and consumer demands.

“The launch of our adjustable load separator once again demonstrates Interko’s dedication to progression by delivering pioneering products that truly add value for our customers,” states Chris.

Find out more at Fruit Logistica

Further details about Interko’s evolution will be discussed at next week’s Fruit Logistica, where Chris will give a special presentation on the Fruit Logistica 2018 Tech Stage.

On Thursday 8 February, in Hall 8.1 at 16.00, Chris will present a technical exploration of the logistical role of ripening in the fresh produce supply chain over the last 50 years

During the special talk, Chris will take the audience on a journey from field to plate. With different fruits arriving from various sources that are destined for distinct markets, he will illustrate the challenges of perfecting the ripening process for individual applications.

“From optimising airflow to accommodating various box designs and fine-tuning the subsequent logistics, I will explain how such challenges can be overcome thanks to the development of tailored and adaptable ripening rooms featuring state-of-the-art technology,” Chris reveals.

Interko is also exhibiting at Fruit Logistica 2018. Any visitors are welcome to meet the Interko team in Hall 1.2 on stand D-12.