Interko is proud to present you the expansion of our factory!

Interko’s factory has been upgraded to increase the production of fruit ripening rooms. The new punching and bending machine allow us to massively increase our production capacity. More projects can be pushed through our factory and more clients can be provided with high quality ripening technology within a satisfactory delivery time. Furthermore, both machines increase our flexibility. The punching machine’s larger working area allows us to be creative and innovative with designs. Also, the bending machine’s modern programming abilities will increase flexibility. At Interko we are always seeking to fulfil our clients’ needs! With this addition to the factory there are more possibilities that will be produced even faster than before.

The factory has been running at full capacity the past year due to the amount of business coming our way. This means it was time to expand. The factory has been optimized to produce air-coolers and steel constructions to maximum speed and efficiency. However the current market share that is covered by Interko ripening rooms and our perspective for the future requires more capacity and high quality machinery. Amada has provided us with reliable and well performing machinery in the past which ensures the investment to be worthy. By adding the punching and bending machines, more clients who work on projects under high time pressure will be able to benefit from high quality Interko fruit ripening equipment. For more information on Interko ripening equipment visit our product page!