MOERKAPELLE, NETHERLANDS – 18 JULY 2017 – Multinational ripening room specialist Interko has triumphed in further reducing customers’ operational costs by beating the energy efficiency target set for its new range of REVERSO fans.

“At every single site where we installed our REVERSO fans the energy consumption was less than the 100 watts of electricity per pallet at full airflow that we promised,” exclaims Chris Maat, the Managing Partner of Interko.

“For some clients, the output was as much as 20% lower – so the fans were using as little as 80 watts per pallet, which is incredibly low.”

Cost savings

Interko is dedicated to making ripening more profitable for its customers. The innovative company is continually evolving its advanced range of energy-efficient and cost-effective technologies.

For retailers, importers, distributors or wholesalers who ripen bananas or exotic fruits, installing REVERSO fans translates into considerable cost savings, even in countries where electricity is not expensive.

“In countries like the UK, Germany and Spain electricity is more expensive than the world average, so the problem is generic,” explains Chris.

“But electricity still represents a large percentage of a company’s operational costs no matter where in the world you are. And in some countries there’s very little awareness of that.”

Just this month Interko received a client’s preliminary test results for the REVERSO fan which indicated significant savings.

“He was bursting with joy at his electricity bill,” Chris states. “You can clearly see what a difference modern, efficient technology can make. The cost savings are really amazing.”

Ripening benefits

In addition, Interko’s REVERSO fans offer the added value of benefitting the quality of the fruit being ripened.

After analysing results from a number of customers, Interko can confirm its REVERSO fans are having a positive effect on ripening quality.

“It’s like driving a car,” Chris explains. “You use up a lot of energy when you accelerate and brake abruptly and it’s not a nice experience for the passengers.

“Ripening room fans operate under the same principle – if they use less energy, they heat up the air in the room less so you don’t need to cool down the temperature as much. That means better air quality and a gentler environment for the fruit.”

While the Dutch manufacturer always strives for the maximum results for its clients, Chris points out that at the end of the day the performance of any technology is subject to external factors.

“We always try to do our very best,” he says. “But you have to accept there are external influences that play their part. In ripening, there are different pallet types and different fruit types, so results fluctuate.

“Interko can only guarantee that our REVERSO fans consume less than 100 watts per pallet at full airflow. But, as we’ve proven, it can be much lower.”

Such is the success, the Dutch solutions provider has already sold over 1,000 REVERSO fans and is still receiving a large number of orders.

“Of course, myself and the entire Interko team are very pleased with these successful results,” Chris states.

REVERSO profile

The REVERSO reversible fan range provides efficient air movement technology and full user-controllability within a ripening room. The fans can be controlled simply and individually, meaning they can be switched off in any unloaded bays at any given stage.

The fans can also be linked to the fully-integrated and unique Interko Smart ripening control system. This allows for precision ripening and monitoring of the ripening process to a degree that has not previously been possible.

REVERSO fans can be used to equal effect in either Interko’s ULTIMO or AXESSO ripening rooms, which are designed for bananas or exotic fruits respectively.

Business solid

Interko has designed and manufactured ripening rooms for bananas, avocados, mangoes and papayas in over 50 countries worldwide.

Business remains very successful. By September this year Interko expects it will have already surpassed its 2016 order total of 200 ripening rooms.

“We’re very busy,” notes Chris. “Business in Europe is strong, including the UK, and currently 80% of new orders are for our REVERSO fan.”

In general, Chris says demand is increasing across the board, but especially for solutions to ripen exotic fruit.

“Exotics customers are experiencing the benefit of our Random Access AXESSO room, which offers the flexibility of shifting between ripening different fruits.”

Looking ahead, Interko is committed to reinforcing its position of leadership by continuing to innovate and deliver cutting-edge fresh fruit ripening solutions.