Reverso Fan Technology

Reverso Fan Technology – Interko’s reversible fan technology that allows for a homogenous ripening process at highly efficient energy use. As Interko, we thrive in a dynamic market with a constant focus on improvement and innovation. The REVERSO fan has been a disruptive high tech solution regarding energy-use and ripening result. The REVERSO fan has…

ripening room, turn-key

Visit us at Asia Fruit Logistica 2018!

Visit us at Asia Fruit Logistica 2018! Interko invites visitors to Asia Fruit Logistica 2018 to discover how the smart and flexible Optimo room can benefit Asian businesses. Optimo is the latest addition to our complete range of ripening technologies. To learn more about Optimo, or our Ultimo and Axesso ripening technologies we invite you…

Another ripening room renovation completed

Another ripening room renovation completed Interko ripening rooms are built to last for over 20 years. However, as our engineering progresses, upgrading your ripening facility to our current advanced technology comes with numerous benefits. Besides a fresh look and a motivating work environment for the ripeners, renovating will reduce costs and positively affect the product.…

Ripening Room Renovation

Renovate your ripening rooms

Is it time to upgrade your ripening rooms? We continue to innovate and are constantly evolving to surpass current technological standards. Besides a fresh look, this newly renovated room in France benefits from a better ripening result at lower energy use. For more information on Interko ripening rooms visit: