A Look inside the II-tier Ultimo fruit ripening room

The current Ultimo fruit ripening room by Interko is a result of 50 years of innovation. The Ultimo is designed to ripen large volumes of bananas. By constantly reducing the energy-use of the Ultimo, it currently runs at maximum efficiency. These innovations vary from small changes like implementing LED lights, to high-tech solutions like air-flow optimisation. The Ultimo comes with Interko’s REVERSO fan technology. The REVERSO fan has a reversible air flow which ensures equal ripening on both sides of the pallet. The fans run on a smart program that adjusts to the air-resistance in the ripening rooms. Therefore, the power produced by the fans will never be more than necessary.

The ripening room portrayed in this picture is part of a project with multiple Ultimo rooms as well as some Axesso rooms to ripen exotic fruits. It has just been put into work in Madrid, Spain, where the fruit import has been increasing vastly the past years. Our clients are aware of the quality of the reliable fruit ripening systems delivered by Interko. The systems last for 30 years and deliver excellent ready-to-eat banas, avocado’s, mangoes and other fruits. For more information visit our product page or get in touch with our team!